Ethics & Compliance

Baxalta’s compliance program reflects the company's commitment to ethics and integrity, and to doing business the right way. Baxalta has established appropriate policies, procedures and programs to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as industry codes of conduct.

Procedures & Standards of Conduct for Employees

Baxalta has established a strong foundation of integrity and compliance that helps guide employees in making good, ethical business judgments and taking appropriate, lawful actions.

Learn more about our Procedures & Standards of Conduct for Employees here.

Standards for Suppliers
We expect suppliers to comply with our standards and guidelines, and to know and obey all the laws governing the purchasing function at Baxalta.

Learn more about our Supplier Standards here.
Ethics & Compliance Helpline

Representatives on the Ethics & Compliance Helpline are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to consult with you in almost any language. You may file a report online or dial the toll-free number for your country as provided on the website.

When using the Ethics & Compliance Helpline, an individual’s identity will be treated confidentially and shared with a limited number of people who have a need to know or who are responsible for dealing with reports and investigations. Your personal information will be held and used in accordance with Baxalta’s Global Privacy Policy and data privacy laws. Reports can be made anonymously.

Using these resources in your decision-making process will help us maintain Baxalta’s reputation as a responsible corporate leader whose people are respected for performance and integrity.

Access the Ethics & Compliance Helpline page here.

Support to Patient Organizations

Baxalta adheres to the EFPIA Code of Practice on relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations.

What is the EFPIA Patient Organization Code?

In order to ensure that relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations take place in an ethical and transparent manner, EFPIA has adopted the EFPIA Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organizations (The EFPIA Patient Organization (PO) Code)

This Code builds upon the following principles that EFPIA, together with pan-European patient organizations, subscribed to:

1.    The independence of patient organizations, in terms of their political judgment, policies and activities, shall be assured.
2.    All partnerships between patient organizations and the pharmaceutical industry shall be based on mutual respect, with the views and decisions of each partner having equal value.
3.    The pharmaceutical industry shall not request, nor shall patient organizations undertake, the promotion of a particular prescription-only medicine.
4.    The objectives and scope of any partnership shall be transparent. Financial and nonfinancial support provided by the pharmaceutical industry shall always be clearly acknowledged.
5.    The pharmaceutical industry welcomes broad funding of patient organizations from multiple sources.

What is the implication of EFPIA Patient Organization Code for Baxalta?

As a member of EFPIA, Baxalta has committed to adhere to the EFPIA Codes of Conduct, including the Code for working with Patient Organizations.

The Code requires mandatory disclosure of financial and significant indirect / non-financial support to patient organizations as well as of agreements under which patient organizations have provided paid-for services.

All funding provided (including the organization to which it was provided, the nature of the support and the amount of support provided) will be disclosed publicly on an annual basis both on EFPIA site and Baxalta public site.

Download our July 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015 report

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Authorized Distributor of Record (ADR)
Every manufacturer is required to maintain, update and make available upon request a listing of its Authorized Distributors of Record (ADR).
U.S. Distribution Licensing

The United States Federal government mandates that the distribution of device and drug products be regulated by each individual state. As such, Baxalta holds various licenses and permits with each state. As a purchaser of Baxalta products, you may on occasion be required to show evidence that the Baxalta location from which you are receiving or purchasing prescription drug/device products has been appropriately licensed. Many states provide an on-line database that can be queried to obtain Baxalta’s current licensing information, but on occasion searching for this information may be difficult.

If you have any questions related to Baxalta’s distribution licensing, please send an email to: